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ytterbius's Journal

27 July 1972
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I live in Bellingham, Washington. I'm married with children. I work, play, try to fulfill responsibilities, and think, write, talk, and argue about things that are going on. I love my life. :)

I read alot of news.

I periodically use too many comma's.


Right now I'm focused on what I see as the upcoming revolution in energy. I'm worried that bad policy decisions will be made at the highest levels, which will set back the future of America's Economy. I'm also worried about the risk of a disruption in America's energy supply which, if we're not at all prepared, may have predictable and highly unpleasant consequences.

On the plus side, I see great potential in new technologies to reduce many of the risks that we're currently dealing with.

All it will take is a change in the perceptions of Americans, in terms of what is valuable.

Which is more valuable, a nintendo Wii, or enough energy to run the thing? Without the energy, the Wii is a dead chunk of useless chemicals; with the energy, you could run a lightbulb, or maybe power a tool (or turn on the Wii). Without energy there is no food, no transportation, no modern life.

We know how to make the tools to produce tomorrow's energy, and to power tomorrow's economy. What we need to start doing is reproducing those tools on a very large scale, by changing our perception of the relative value of energy compared to everything else.

We also have to look at the relative values between different sources of energy.

How do we compare, say, nuclear energy, with solar or coal, or wind, or oil?

There are tradeoffs with every decision. I'm still working on what I think is the right ultimate mix. More later. :)