Ytterbius (ytterbius) wrote,

Gun-totin' Freaks...

Ok, so I am actually appreciating these gun toters that protested at Obama's event.

It appears that they forewarned, and have been generally responsible.

Ultimately, they do have the right, and they're making use of it and testing it.

So, it puts Obama at potentially higher risk, and the Secret Service is probably experiencing some extra stress, but so be it, it's the way it should be.

Honestly, I don't have a bunch of quotes from any of the armed folk, but that doesn't matter. Even if they were total freaks, I think that as long as there's no shooting then they are doing something potentially valuable.

As for Obama and his people, I think it shows some class on their part. They don't seem to be overreacting to the situation, and so are supporting the 2nd Amendment.

I just can't help but suspect that under GW, if I and a bunch of the Liberals around here were to pack a bunch of weaponry anywhere near a Bush Event, we'd be in jail in a heartbeat, even if what we were doing was technically perfectly legal. The Bush Administration wasn't known for its grasp of subtle technical details of Law.

Now, if a bunch of Conservative Rednecks were carrying weapons around Bush, that wouldn't be a problem... unless of course, it was Dick Cheney.
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