Ytterbius (ytterbius) wrote,

Arod, Steroids, Mariners.

I haven't watched Baseball in a few years. The last time that I was really into Baseball was back when they had that record number of wins (for the M's), and I seem to remember a very tight race with New York (their last great season). Looking around, I see that it must have been 2001. Arod was there, and he rocked. There were quite a few good seasons with him.

Well, now he's admitting to taking steroids in Texas (where it was apparently part of the culture), and I just saw him say "I don't even remember hearing of a person on Steroids" back in Seattle.

Thinking about Steroids, I have to say that I'm not a fan of drug laws, it all depends on alot of factors, and I'm not a fan of victimization of drug users unless they're named Rush, but in Sports, I do think it's offensive to take, or to support the taking of performance enhancers. Not that I care if a person takes a drug, but if you're an athlete taking steroids, you're offending history by breaking the records of mere unenhanced humans, and you're also creating a culture in which the only way to compete is to use those drugs. There's some kind of coersion there, I'm pretty sure.

Anyway, so hearing him say that about Seattle made me particularly proud of that team.

Edit: I didn't look close enough, and didn't remember right. That great year was AFTER Arod was gone. I'm starting to slip up.
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