Ytterbius (ytterbius) wrote,

A Letter to Various and Sundry...

Copied to Senators, Whitehouse, etc.

Dear Representative Larsen,

In a few days, the Stimulus Package will come back to the House.

Senate Amendments have, to a great extent stripped, the Bill of its most critical core function, which is to provide not just Economic stimulus, but Immediate Stimulus with true long-term value. The Renewable Energy provisions were among the most critical components in support of that core function, and they've been summarily slashed, without any public debate.

It's incredibly important that this stimulus needs to be smart and focused, but under pressure from Senate Republicans it has become badly flawed, and will provide for a much less sustainable stimulus.

The Senate has added $50 Billion Dollars in Additional Loan Guarantees for the Construction of Nuclear Power Plants. It is intolerable that Renewables in their growth phase are squeezed out by Nuclear in its Death Throws. You must act to reduce the Nuclear Loan Guarantees, and Increase the Renewable Energy Component of the Bill.

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